FK 9 Mark IV  

The latest, fourth-generation
FK 9 has come of age...
Aerodynamic improvements,
a more spacious cockpit and
countless changes of detail
make this new version even
more attractive. New flaps
and a modified elevator unit
enhance the FK 9’s already
excellent aerodynamic
properties. This well-rounded
aircraft is ideally suited for
a variety of roles!


The era of Light Sport Aviation is no longer a dream waiting to take flight. With a plethora of aircraft now available, the aim becomes sorting through the lists to find an aircraft suited to your needs. The need for a safe, comfortable, yet versatile aircraft leads to one, the S-LSA FK9 Mk IV imported and distributed by FK Light planes USA.

The Premise for the FK9 Mk IV is versatility and adaptability to various roles. Whether flying from snow, or landing on water, the FK9 Mk IV will take you there. With optional wing tank and a fuel efficient Rotax 912, your destination is within reach with less expense on fuel. With efiency integrated into the FK9 MK IV it would only be natural to provide the optional folding wings which require one person and no need for special tools to operate and fold flush against the fuselage. Features integrated into the FK9 Mk IV compliment the “jack of all trades” role suited not only to the sport pilot, but also for flight school around the country under various situations and conditions. With all there is to offer in this remarkable aircraft, attention to detail wasn’t simply left on the outside. The FK9 Mk IV’s 42” wide cockpit and adjustable seat backs accommodate a wide range of height and weight considerations. Egress and ingress of the FK 9 Mk IV is improved with a large door frame access, individual flight controls which do not hinder the pilot through maneuvers, the way a center stick would. Details in the instrument panel allow for a fully customizable arrangement reducing fatigue.

Through out the history of FK Light planes, safety has remained an integral component to all their aircraft. The FK 9 Mk IV is without exception. The increased use of composite materials has brought about a revolution in design. The FK 9 Mk IV is built almost entirely of these materials; the advantages to this method are not limited to but include an increased resistance to corrosion, structural fatigue, and reduced weight. With the savings in overall weight reduction, a fully welded steel tubular cage is built into the FK 9 Mk IV for increased crash worthiness for both occupants. And as with all aircraft in the FK Light plane line up, the FK 9 Mk IV is built with the BRS in mind, although scarcely noticeable. With safety, ergonomics, and versatility built into the FK 9 Mk IV it’s easy to understand that with FK Light Planes USA, performance comes thru innovation, and innovation is by design!